` Off The Record : Support Helpline

Off The Record is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary This Year 

Off The Record (South East Hampshire)

Free and confidential - information, support and counselling for young people aged 11 - 25

Client line: 023 9247 4724

Admin line: 023 9278 5999

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Many young people contacting us, phone us first. You can phone for information, to talk to someone about things that may be worrying you, and to make an appointment

  • Our specially trained volunteers will listen to you, then help you clarify the difficulties you have, the causes and the best possible way forward
  • They will also have access to information resources to help you find out what you need to know
  • It may be possible to agree to call the same volunteer again if you find coming into our service difficult.

If you phone when we are closed, you can leave a message on our answerphone, and someone will call you back. 

023 9247 4724