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Check back here to see what workshops, courses, resources and jobs we have available to you.

We run short courses (usually 6 weeks) both for young people and parents/carers throughout the year in addition to our 1-2-1 counselling and groupwork sessions. Also, we’ll add resources and job vacancies to this page as they occur.

You First Parent’s Course Back for September 2022!

Off The Record 'You First' Course is a new programme for parenting in the 21st Century for parents and carers of 11-25 year olds Email us at enquiries@otr-south.org.uk for more information or to secure your place, remember to let us know which date works best for you!


Talking to someone outside of school, work or home helps build resilience as you explore and overcome issues that cause you difficulty or distress

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6 sessions of 6-8 young people that provide support with practical coping strategies.

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Young Carer

Our Young Carers program creates a web of links to support their social needs and their right to be a young person

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Take a look at some animations we created for a community program called Back to Basics. Each one is focused on one of the ‘5 ways of wellbeing’ they are great to try as part of your own self-care routine, don’t try all at once, that’s total overload.. just pick whichever you fancy first, give it a try and if the exercises appeal work them into your everyday life:


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Can a 10 year old go on the waiting list now?

How many sessions of counselling do you offer?

Can a young person do counselling and group work at the same time?

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