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Hurting yourself, or Self-Harming as it’s sometimes called, is a way of coping with painful or distressing thoughts and feelings.

The ways in which you may be harming yourself are as unique as you are. You may be scratching, cutting or burning yourself or pulling out your hair as a way of helping to cope with feelings of powerlessness, inner unrest and turmoil. Sometimes these feelings are so   overwhelming that hurting yourself seems to be the only way to get release. You may be feeling very lonely and ashamed.

What can I do to help myself?

There are a number of ways in which you can help yourself to slowly move away from this form of coping mechanism:

  • First of all take care of your cuts, scratches or bruises so that no infection or further damage to that area can be caused
  • Write down or draw your feelings on a daily basis. You can do this by carrying around a small pocket note book where you can write down or sketch any thoughts and feelings that trigger a self harm episode
  • Sometimes doing some physical exercise can help to release those feel good feelings which in turn can be a release from the constant inner pain and distress
  • Talking or writing to someone you trust or someone you don’t know and who does not know you, such as a pen pal or an organization such as the Samaritans and Childline can help.

What can we do for you?

Here at ‘Off The Record’ we have a team of skilled and supportive staff that can help you to express those overwhelming feelings. In a warm and friendly environment, that is safe and confidential, we can help you find different ways to manage your distress and difficulty.

The ways in which you can contact us to get support are:

  • By Phone
  • Via Email
  • Drop into our centre in Havant where you can talk to a member of the team who may arrange for you to see a counsellor. Seeing your own counsellor on a regular basis is an opportunity for you to talk about the feelings and thoughts that are hard to express and with time and understanding small steps can be made to move away from self harming to a healthier way of dealing with distress.

Contact us  we’re here to help.