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Young Carer

Young Carers

You’re a Young Carer if you support or care for another member of your family, like a parent, sister/brother or grandparent, you could be the only person doing this, or maybe one of a few people pitching in.

You could be doing things like shopping, cooking and cleaning or other things like helping the person out of bed and get washed and dressed.

The Young carers program will help support you by:

Young carers youth club
Support in school and colleges
School holiday trips and activities like cinema trips, farm visits, and Christmas pantomime!
Arts and crafts sessions
One-to-One time
Fun and a chance to be a young person
Parent support and coffee mornings

See more of what our young carers get up to by visiting their Instagram page or register for the program here


Talking to someone outside of school, work or home helps build resilience as you explore and overcome issues that cause you difficulty or distress

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6 sessions of 6-8 young people that provide support with practical coping strategies.

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Your Journey with OTR starts here

1.You self-refer or are referred into OTR using the webform or calling us

2.You’ll then be put on a waiting list. Meanwhile our support workers will continue to check in with you each week

3.When you’re at the top of the waiting list we do an initial assessment to ensure we’re the right fit for you

4.In the initial assessment the counsellor will also talk you through counselling, group work and our young carers program

5.At this point you are assigned a counsellor that best suits your needs

6.You can do group work or young carers at any point – so it can be in conjunction with counselling, before or afterwards, in fact young carers is a long-term ongoing program

Solid foundations are now in place to help you move forward with confidence


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