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Off The Record will only collect data with the written permission of the individual. The GDPR sets the age when a child can give their own consent to this processing at 13. If a child is younger, then we will ask for consent from the person holding ‘parental responsibility’.

In doing so the individual consents to media collected and created at Off The Record or at Off The Record events can be used for social media, fundraising and any activities deemed appropriate by Off The Record. This can mean photos, videos, written quotes/testimonies. Off The Record carry
out a data audit monthly. We check our data is both accurate and relevant. If the data is deemed to
be no longer relevant it is deleted. If your details change (such as change of address) please inform
us so that we can amend our records.

Individuals understand that the details they provide for example; name, date of birth, area I live in, special education needs, and confidence ratings will be handled in an ethical and sensitive manner and are only used by Off The Record to measure, manage and improve the services we offer. To access any information, prevent specific media being shared, collected or used for any of the above activities, or if you would like us to remove/delete any data, please contact:

Sue Gillard

Off The Record

138 Purbrook Way

Leigh Park




As an individual you have a right to complain to the ICO if they think there is a problem with the way we are handling your data. https://ico.org.uk



Tel: 023 92785999

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